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Zip line

Adrenaline to the max!

With speed reaching up to 16 km/h you can be rushing couple of kilometers over deep valleys, rivers and high forests.

Do you want to build the fastest, longest or most interesting zipline in the entire world?
Invest in adrenaline!

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What is Zipline:

  • Zip line is adrenaline filled slide on a steel wire
  • hung in special seat you are rushing through the wind with speed up to 160km/h
  • today's most modern technologies - we will choose for you the best system from our partners

The biggest advantages:

  • quick return of your investment - perfect product for commercial usage
  • broad target group with big visiting capacity
  • maximum of emotions for least effort
  • great security
  • sharing of the experience - paralel runs of upt to 4 people
  • availability 365 days a year depending only on weather
  • zero consupmtion of energy
  • possibility of building zipline tour - more interconnected ziplines stretching up to several kilometers
  • possibility of using natural elements or already existing constructions as a starting or finishing platform

Look at promotional video from creator of ZipStop system!

Technical specification:

  • Length of Zipline can be 300m - 2km depending on choosed technology
  • special pulley with brake which doesn't allow backrunning of the pulley(e.g. Impact Trolley)
  • coasting magnetical induction brake (e.g. Zipstop)
  • many variations of technologies and safety systems (e.g. systém ZipRider, ZipTour, ZipTour Hybrid)
  • braking drag adjusts automatically to the weight of the visitor

Construction process of Zipline:

  1. Basic study of feasibility - on site geodetic meassurement, system and technology proposal, price estimation
  2. Technical study - determination of geotechnical properties, design and placement of atraction in terrain, setup of starting and finishing tower, statical calculation
  3. Schedule of construction, building contract
  4. Preparation, construction and realization
  5. construction handover with all nescessary documentation
  6. Personel training and safety systems delivery

Special Ecozip Zipline

EcoZip is a well thought out zipline system, developed by our Australian partner Ecoline. It maximises adrenalin adventure in a very safe package. There are few other attraction with such insane speed, sharp bends and crazy loops!

More on page dedicated to Ecozip Zipline

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