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Unique attraction by the lake


Do you like going on holiday? Hotel resorts imaginatively expand the offer of interesting activities and original attractions for their guests. One of them was created in our architectural studio.
Come and see ...

For the Slovak hotel resort, we designed a unique attraction forming a comprehensive set of rest and play areas with adventurous elements - an original set of 3D mazes with a network attraction, a tunnel and a slide. The attraction is intended for visitors of all ages with an emphasis on families with children.
The 3D maze is full of interesting obstacles that can be overcome in various ways. They develop dexterity, speed, wit and orientation in space. In addition, visitors can perform various tasks or compete here. Free movement in height is typical for a net adventure. You can run, jump, have fun or just relax. The nests of the houses work not only as a connection between the floors, but also as a place where various quiet game elements can be placed.
Part of the attraction design is also an attractive thematic content, which can be changed or developed after a certain time. Through an engaging theme, visitors form a relationship with the place and they will like to come again. Knowledge quizzes related to local flora or fauna or non-traditional movement tasks naturally motivate to play, educate and to return in the future.

design visualization
design sketch