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Sports and entertainment site


Come to hide in a sheaf of grain or to run an agricultural machine. Stilts, a rake or a wine barrel can be a great climbing frame even for today's children. Our another design will show you how inventively the modern sports and entertainment site can refer to local folk traditions.

The aim of the proposal was to expand leisure activities and support social and sports life in a South Moravian village with very lively folklore. In a comprehensive area, you will find really diverse elements for visitors of a very wide age range (3-99 years).
The little ones can be interested in a playground with a sandpit, scales and tipping troughs, a wooden memory game, comparing their jump with animals, the science of numbers, a hopscotch
or shooting marbles. For larger ones, we designed an original climbing frame with low rope obstacles, suspension footbridges and a small lookout tower. Active teenagers and adults can develop their movement skills in the workout zone and in the free exercise area. The area also includes a relaxation area with a bistro, sanitary facilities and seating on the terrace, which can be used for accompanying and social events. The proposed area with its composition, architectural elements, used colors and decorative motifs underlines the uniqueness of the local folklore of this wine region.

site design - sketch
site design - climbing frame
site design - playground
site design - bistro, folklore motifs