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Rope course Prague Exhibition Grounds


Itʼs small, itʼs low, and yet enjoyable! We have created a new space for active recreation, entertainment and movement skills training for visitors of Prague Exhibition Grounds. We built a low rope course with a cable car in the immediate proximity of the exhibition pavilions.

There are 11 rope obstacles which are divided into two routes of different difficulty. For those who find the courage to test their muscles, dexterity and balance, „Vipers“ and „Manoeuvres“ are arranged in the beginning of longer path. After running over the „Suspended Footbridge“ they have to overcome „Garlands“, „Columns“, „Cobweb“ and „Hats“. For more demanding visitors there is a shorter path with the „Viper“, „Hand-over-hand“, „Rope Cross“ and „Rungs“.
All rope obstacles are designed to be handled individually or one by one along the path, separately or in a team. This allows visitors to develop not only their motoric skills, but also teamwork. This natural form of improving cooperation is widely used especially by childrenʼs groups.
The rope course at the Exhibition Grounds also offers other game elements, including Mikado (a wooden climbing frame made of acacia wood) and two climbing platforms. For those who like wind in their hair and a bit of adrenaline, there is also a self-service cable car.

If you have the impression that a low rope course is only for small children, you can be misled for example in Prague at the Exhibition Grounds. Come and check that you can play even as an adult!

low rope course Prague Exhibition Grounds
low rope course
low rope course
low rope course
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children playground Prague Exhibition Grounds
rope course Prague Exhibition Grounds
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low rope course - project