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Planet Mysteria


"I found another clue, Captain!"
"Great, what do the results from our space lab say?"
"We seem to have an extraordinary adventure on this planet, sir."

The planet Mysteria was created as an idea of ​​an adventurous educational attraction for one of the largest shopping centers in Prague. In addition to developing motor skills, its main goal is to support natural curiosity, the desire to discover, explore, collaborate and learn in an entertaining way. An adventure story with tasks, using various methods of cognition, simple physical laws, optical phenomena, manual skills, information retrieval and logical thinking represents a great potential for smart fun, active movement and a unique experience for all ages.

The second ideological intention presents an attraction with an emphasis on movement-experiential elements. Panoptikarium represents a dreamy, even bizarre world with many movement tasks and challenges. Story motivation can make visitors to overcome obstacles in an unconventional way and to train all movement skills. At the same time, optical illusions create an interesting environment for overcoming challenges out of danger and for literally imaginative experiences.

ideological intention - sketch
ideological intention - sketch