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Observation tower design


Wondering how the ground plan of a horse, donkey and llama differ? And what does a rhea look like from above? We will show you the world from a different perspective ... For a family entertainment site with a mini zoo, we designed a unique lookout tower with an air path above the animal enclosures.

The dominant feature of the design is a 14 m high observation tower with its original design. The steel construction with cladding with wooden slats and nets creates a firm and at the same time airy impression. Regular geometric shapes taken up in a partially asymmetrical crown give the tower an interesting futuristic look. The three height levels of the tower offer different attractions. The main viewpoint is located at a height of 11 m, where visitors, in addition to the classic view of the surroundings, also have a great challenge - sitting on a bench with a net backrest. Except for the views, visitors can also enjoy a slide ride from the lower platform of the tower or go for an airy walk, over 200 m long. The system of footbridges and viewpoints at a height of 4 m will take them to the adjacent mini zoo, where they will get directly into the animal enclosures and will be able to observe them from an unusual perspective.
The study also includes proposals to expand the area with entertainment and educational elements, furniture and effective lighting for night operation.

lookout tower
observation tower