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New treehouses and treetop walks! 06/2015

Our newest design building of this summer has been finished in Karlovy Vary.

We work hard! 05/2015

Have a look at a few backstage photos from our on-going constructions and...

How to build a new adventure park? 04/2015

Step by step ;-) We are working on it!

Treehouses are simply magical 04/2015

One of these magical houses will be conjured in Vysočina this summer :-)

We have a rollercoaster in trees! 03/2015

We introduce a new product by our partner Ecoline.

We started our new web! 12/2014

This Christmas we were given a new web-site

A study of a recreational area 11/2014

… main projecting period has just begun!

Forest playground with Pexeso 11/2014

Autumn is the right time for natural playgrounds – the last one has been built in...

Do you want to build in spring? 10/2014

We are just starting winter work on projects!

Have a look at our new forest playground 10/2014

A lovely construction was built during our 20-day long journey to a remote region....

You can get a design gratis! 07/2014

The design of Adventure park „Křižák“ is now available for free.

Architectonic design of a hotel playground 07/2014

We have designed a new adventure playground for children 3 to 15 years old, to be...