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The treetop walkway and adventure park in Karlovy Vary by the photographer´s eyes 12/2015

A follow-up of our autumn story.

Treetop walks in the iDNES magazine… 11/2015

…were dominated by Unipark :-)

Projektovat rodinné domky umí dnes kdekdo
There are many companies who can make a design of a family house… 11/2015

…but if you want a good design of an adventurous attraction – there is Unipark....

We are building a Babylonian tower and a 3D maze 10/2015

In spite of the autumn weather we work at full tilt!

3D bludiště očima fotografa
3D maze by the photographer's eyes 10/2015

In the soft light of the indian summer, in the rustling forest, with radiant...

We are giving an expert opinion... 09/2015

…on the Adventure Park in the relax zone „Ryneček“ in Příbram

Children's area by Bratislava has been completed! 09/2015

The first construction phase is successfully over – and we are preparing for the...

The first 3D maze has finally seen the light of day 09/2015

During the first 2 weeks since the opening, it has been visited by more than 4000...

Slovakian delights 08/2015

… we began to build a children's area by Bratislava!

New climbing and free-time center has been built in Telč 07/2015

We have the first drytooling rope park in the Czech Republic!

Drytool! 07/2015

What does it actualy mean, this „drytooling park“?

New children's outdoor play area in Slovakia 07/2015

We are designing, planning and preparing for construction…