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We have finished new natural rope playground… 06/2016

...in Farmapark in Soběhrdy!

The construction in Litomyšl started! 06/2016

Climbing on the courtyard of the chateaux – everyone would like that!

How a model is being built? 06/2016

Carefully, sensitively and with human scale!

hřiště ve stromech - Unipark
We build a playground on trees! 05/2016

The Kaprodrom site near Olomouc will be soon liven up with new attraction.

Treetop walks and platforms near Bratislava 05/2016

We have been building several treetop walks and platforms in children area close to...

The newest unique children playground 04/2016

…we built in Karlovy Vary during last weekend.

Spring nest in trees 03/2016

In other words: playing with colours

New designs of rope courses, playgrounds and even "Nesting site"! 03/2016

As our structures are having a rest during winter, the more we work in Projection...

New videos of 3D maze and treehouses! 02/2016

If you have not been to Osek or Karlovy Vary yet, the best way to see our 3d maze...

Architectural concept of ropes course in Israel 01/2016

In other words how to design construction from steel and plastic to Mediterranean...

We wish you a lot of unique unforgettable experiences... 01/2016

...in new year 2016

An adventure park on the roof of a shopping center and a three-storey 3D maze… 12/2015

…arose in our clients´heads – and were realized in our studies.