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3D bludiště Stalowa Wola
Take a look at the completed observation trail in treetops, part I., in Poland.
children´s playground Boat
Last terrain work and we are done!
Unipark článek v mediích
It is a pleasure for us when our work is also noticed by journalists of professional periodicals.
Dragon´s playground
A new Dragon Course was added to the Chamois Trail this year .
stavba vyhlídková stezka
Another unique realization from our team, this time at our foreign neighbors.
3D bludiště
A group of excited kids, great cameramen and one tiny drone. We got up at 5 a.m. and travelled to Hodonín to make...
Unipark ze života firmy
The best handicraft, precise work and perfect logistics – those are the essentials for creating such a playground.
3D bludiště Hodonín
Our 3D maze in Hodonín has been opened for public on Children´s day!
Dračí hřiště Hrubá voda
Just about finished is another beautiful outdoor playground, which was designed for our client Wellness hotel and...
otevření 3D bludiště v Dubici
During the opening ceremony, the labyrinth underwent its first public load test.
3D bludiště Dubice Unipark
Come and join us at the great opening ceremony and charitable activities on May the 3rd at 4 p.m. local time.
3D bludiště Dubice Unipark
By the end of the last week, we successfully handed over recently finished 3D labyrinth in Dubice, a unique...