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Net adventure playground Hodonín


The popularity of social networks is still growing! And our nets have a lot of benefits: they will clear visitor's head, exercise and relax the body, strengthen real social contacts and don't consume the data! ;) We designed another unique net adventure playground near the Hodonín Zoo. Let's see what it will look like.

The design of the net adventure in the treetops was created as an extension of attractions for families in the area of Hodonín. The net attraction is a safe and interesting place, which offers an extensive play and relaxation space. The designed playground consists of a system of two asymmetrical net surfaces of 80 and 95 m2, interconnected by an entry tower. These surfaces at 4 and 4.75 m above the ground work similarly to a trampoline. You can jump, run, play or just swing there. Thanks to this, visitors can enjoy free space and movement in the trees according to their mood and possibilities.
Would you like to try it now? You can visit our finished net adventure parks, for example here Na Větvi or here Mladé Buky.

the net adventure - the sketch
the net adventure - the sketch
the net adventure - the sketch
the design of the net adventure