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Mraveniště - Forest Playground


Find, explore, arrange, overcome obstacles, cooperate, bring... again and again - an everyday ant routine that allows small creatures to do incredible things. We decided to apply functional natural models to humans, which is why we designed such a small children's "ant simulator" for Prague 10 - the forest playground Mraveniště (Anthill).
The client's assignment was to design a forest playground for the target group of children aged 3 to 10. We have created a concept where seemingly chaotically, yet thoughtfully arranged acacia logs form a compact whole. The attraction consists of a triangular platform with a slide and a wooden ladder, adjoined by crawling and balancing features. The mikado, the monkey bars, the chain ladder and the circuit made of variously wide and high beams and logs offer a great environment for natural play and training of movement and social skills. The theme of the anthill is also graphically processed in the design through drawings and statues of ants.
Children and adults will not be able to carry 50 times their weight, but on this playground they will be able to verify that the ant can carry them really playfully.

forest playground
forest playground