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Mountain Village amusement park


We have designed one of our largest attractions, not only by its scope but also by the range of activities it offers to visitors of this beautiful place located high in the Tatra mountains.

The goal of the project was to create an amusement park that would be formally based on the local cultural environment. We have created a miniature of a mountain village, included the surrounding mountains, containing a vast array of game and educational elements as well as relaxation areas for the whole family. Check it out with us at least in the drafts:

The village, with a capacity of up to 430 people, is divided into several parts that are characterized by their offerings and activities. If you walk through the main gate, you will be welcomed by a pair of towers, almost 12 meters high, with a rope maze and a spatial network. Past them, you will find yourself in the heart of the village - the main Square, where you can visit "traditional" buildings such as a bakery, a post office, a town hall, and a pub. The square dominant is a church with terrace steps. All these objects are not mere backdrops, but they offer an interesting gaming environment that can be discovered.
If you go from the square to the west, you will find a challenging journey to the Mountain Landscape - an adventurous 3D maze. It consists of 12 walkways with intricate rope obstacles, manholes, and transfer towers on two floors above each other. In the end, you can climb the imaginary summit, which is represented by large net fields with beautiful views of the mountain peaks in the area.
To the east, at the height of 3-8 m above the ground, is the Hamlet. A tangle of 21 passage houses in different height levels and a trail of suspended stainless steel tunnels offers adventure and adrenaline experience.

We also designed the mountain village as a lively interactive space offering a variety of gaming and educational forms for all ages. Almost at every corner of the village, something can be discovered and moved. With a portable ducat, you can, among other things, open the doors to the secret passages of the underground tunnels, change the colors of the rosette, move the phantascope or the astronomical clock. Ducat will also help you to open a hidden-secret mechanism after you unlock the access cipher ...

Mountain Village - visualization of general view
Mountain Village - plan
Mountain Village - visualisation of the square
Mountain Village - visualisation of the square
Mountain Village - visualisation of the landscape
Mountain Village - visualisation of the outer view
Mountain Village - watchtower - a study
Mountain Village - hamlet - a study
Mountain Village - visualisation of the hamlet
Mountain Village - schema of playing elements on the square