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Monkey paradise Dolní Poustevna


Banana relaxation or a nine meters long ride? Welcome to the tropical rainforest!
Trees are a great environment for play, rest, food, sleep ... just for anything you can think of.
Ask the monkeys. Or your children?

We designed literally a monkey paradise for a site in Dolní Poustevna. The attraction consists of three independent units, whose common theme is climbing and playing monkeys at heights. The graphic form of the paintings is made in the style of graffiti, which brings the playground closer to the teenage generation.
The first part of the course is a net attraction with an area of ​​almost 40 m2. At a height of 3.5 m above the ground, children and adults can jump like on a trampoline, play, swing and play all sorts of games. Large bananas are part of the playing area for inspiration, fun and liveliness.
The entrance tower to the net attraction symbolizes a full-grown tree with a liana jungle, which is followed by a monkey trail. It consists of three smaller towers connected by rope walkways and footbridges. On the trail, children can try to overcome the heights using a ladder, a sloping wall with handles and various rope obstacles.
The third part is represented by terrain game elements - a nine-meter slide, rope pull and stairs, which can also serve as a tribune for watching children's games from a distance ... which would be a great pity, because absolutely anyone can fight bananas at 3.5 m above the ground! What do you think? ;O)

net adventure
net adventure Dolní Poustevna
net adventure Dolní Poustevna