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Karlovy Vary Emergency Simulator


Would you like to train for crisis situations sometimes? It may be useful!
We designed a unique simulator for solving emergencies at heights and depths, physical fitness training and active crisis situations training for the World of Rescuers in Karlovy Vary. In addition to the primary focus on the education of rescue squads and schools, it is possible to use it, for example, for high-altitude work courses or free entertainment.

The dominant feature of the whole design is a 12 m high square tower formed by a steel frame and cladding with waterproof plywood. The internal structure (4 floors and the roof) is connected by a steel double staircase. The partitions simulating the rooms and corridors for training the evacuation of the building are arranged differently on each floor. On the perimeter walls of the tower there are simulated windows with a parapet, balconies, a lightning rod, a steel and rope ladder, a climbing rope and a working rope for practicing ascent and descent using climbing equipment. On the northwest wall, there's an extended climbing pole, a rope with a pulley and a heavy load, a ferrata simulator and rivets for anchoring during technical climbing training. The entire southwest wall is aimed at climbing. There are 7 climbing routes with different difficulty, enabling a top-rope belaying and placement of self-belaying equipment. The tower is connected to a steel truss pole for training a move on a steel rope and rescuing the wounded from the suspension. The simulator also includes a 12 m long cableway.
To the west of the tower we placed low rope obstacles, 4 horizontal bars of different heights and "zigzag" tires used for developing motor skills, for training balance and endurance and for strengthening.
In the adjoining slope there are also 3 wooden barriers with different difficulty of overcoming and crawling under ropes with adjustable height. In the upper break of the slope there is a tunnel for practicing crawling in confined spaces.

emergency simulator - visualization
emergency simulator - visualization
emergency simulator - visualization