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Design of The Salamander World attraction


Would you prefer an earthworm cocktail or a thrilling chase? The salamander is an original character with its own story and original personality. His adventures accompany visitors literally at every step. Welcome to The Salamander World, which we designed for Čeladná municipality.

The designed attraction is a set of relaxation and play areas with adventurous elements that will enable active leisure activities for the whole family. In choosing the theme and overall design we were inspired by locally living fire salamander.
The Salamaner World is in the form of a vast and tangled 3D maze with large net areas where visitors can enjoy free movement between the treetops, they will copy the jagged terrain elsewhere, or find themselves high above the clearing. Entrance to the attraction is through the main tower. The lower level of the 3D maze and a large net are accessible from the first floor. From the second floor of the tower, visitors can embark on a higher maze path or a smaller net. Both networks and the tower are interconnected by network footbridges with obstacles. In addition, the third floor of the tower provides great views of the surroundings from the open platform. Apart from the tower, you can also use a helter-skelter or a slide to get out of the attraction.
Throughout the area, visitors are accompanied by an unusual character with a rather peculiar nature. His story, troubles and pleasures draw them into the game through thematic tasks. The Salamander World will truly win everyone‘s heart with its magic.

So what would you like? Earthworm cocktail or chase? ;o)

mascot of the attraction
sketch of Čeladná attraction
sketch of Čeladná attraction
sketch of Čeladná attraction
sketch of Čeladná attraction
salamander - mascot of the attraction