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Design of Balance Center Kouty


Wedges, chasm, snake or bridge ... don't let anything to put you off your balance! The Balance Center, which we designed for Kouty nad Desnou, will offer new opportunities for improving balance, fitness, stamina and strength to children and adults.

The Balance Center consists of two integrated parts - a balancing path intended primarily for children at the age of 6-15 and a workout that will be used primarily by adult visitors. The composition of the elements is designed with an emphasis on diversity and versatile user development.
The Balance Trail consists of a circular trail with 13 obstacles of different difficulty, connected by transfer blocks. The obstacles use different principles of equilibrium - you will find the beam, spring and suspension balancing elements, treads of various sizes, inclination and hardness or elasticity of materials. The Balance Trail is stylized in the Indian theme, which is intended to support the imagination and playfulness of visitors as well as to highlight the natural character of the center.
Workout part is designed to train and strengthen the whole body and it's meant especially for older children and adults. The exercise set consists of five elements - hand-over-hand, wallbars, high trapeze, middle trapeze and low trapeze for push-ups.

Our architects trained their design skills with playfulness and they balanced everything. If the Balance Center on the banks of the Desná River is built, you will be able to improve your skills and balance too.

Balance Center Kouty - sketch
Balance Center Kouty
Workout Kouty