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3D maze Vranov


Dry well, bunkers, old ruined buildings ... in the overgrown terrain near the chateau, our architects struggled with many pitfalls. We designed a 3D maze for the emerging adventure area Vranov nad Dyjí. Take a look at the project with us, so you can look forward to the next year, when you can overcome a few pitfalls and experience adventure with a real top view...

The eight pillars in the rhomboid grid will hold 13 houses and 14 obstacles with light to medium difficulty. On two floors above each other there will be obstacles waiting near the thematic environment of an ancient castle - walls, chasms, caves, suspension bridge, tunnel, etc. The pitfalls of increasing difficulty will lead visitors up to a height of 7.4 m above the terrain. They are designed to be enjoyed by all ages of adventurers, from children to active seniors. 3D maze in Vranov will have a capacity of 135 people and its construction is planned for 2020. The future form of 3D maze Vranov will give you at least sketches from our proposal:

3D maze Vranov - sketch
3D maze Vranov - sketch