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3D maze in waterpark


"Daddy, what does a whale say?" "So, am I plankton if it swallows me?"
We have created a 3D maze design for Aquapark Olomouc. Visitors can safely set out for the stormy sea, sail through bubbles, look into the stomach of the whale, where they can even learn something ...

The design of the attraction follows the nautical theme, into which the whole area of Aquapark Olomouc is set. The houses of the 3D maze, anchored on the existing columns, are connected by footbridges with various obstacles. At a height of four meters, children can run across the boom of the ship, get through the bubble vortex and subsequently escape from the sailor's net. When they conquer the waves, buoys and seaweeds, they are swallowed by a whale, so they look at the outside world through its open mouth. What an adventure! The whale-shaped house is the main motivational element of the attraction. It's designed with the possibility of installing various audiovisual and interactive features - games to raise awareness of the marine world, audio projections of the real sounds of whales and other sea creatures, a camera for taking pictures in whale's mouth, etc.
The main target group of this 3D maze are children aged 7 - 15 years. However, three-year-old lifeguards or adults could plunge into the sea adventure at heights all year round as well.

Would you be tempted? All right, crew, so up aboard!

3D maze design
3D maze design